Projects & Planning Information

 Yahara Riverfront Project (Whitewater Park)

We are exploring the possibility of building a whitewater park in Stoughton. This would include a riverwalk and trail extensions, rental facility in Mandt Park, and an in-stream whitewater park. - More Information 


2019 Projects

Mandt Park Master Plan

The purpose of this plan is to define appropriate uses for these properties, which will be based on a natural resource and facilities assessment, interviews with stakeholders and other efforts to understand visitor needs. The result will be an integrated trails and park improvements plan, which will include an implementation strategy of recommended changes. The project will be completed in 2019.

Update 6/24 - MSA has been hired to prepare the master plan. Please see this link about their approach to the project. Link

Update 7/30 - A public input survey is available to give input. Here is the link to the survey -


Nordic Ridge Park Accessible Playground

We are working with an advisory committee to bring an accessible playground to Nordic Ridge Park. An accessible playground has features such as poured in place rubber surfacing and ramps to make using the playground easily accessible. The playground installation is TBD.

Criddle Finished.jpg

Criddle Park Natural/Adventure Playground

Natural/adventure playgrounds bring elements of nature into the playground design to bring adventure and imagination to the forefront. An extensive public input process has been completed that included asking children what equipment they would prefer and meeting with neighbors of the park. The playground is scheduled to be installed by the summer of 2019. Public Input Results

Additional Playground Renderings

The playground has been completed and is now open.


Rotary Park Bathrooms

Bathrooms were one of the primary needs/wants that were identified in the 2018 CORP. Rotary Park is used in the summer time for the popular concert in the parks series and the Catfish River Music Festival. Currently there is a portable restroom at the park during the summer and having a permanent restroom would enhance both events.

2018 Projects

pickleball court.jpg

Mandt Park Pickleball Court

The Mandt Park pickleball court has been constructed. The court was made possible by generous donations from the Lions Club and the Bryant Foundation. Fencing will be installed in the spring of 2019.


Yahara River Trail Extension

The Yahara River Trail extension project extends the Yahara River Trail by 1300 LF. The trail can be accessed by the disc golf course at Amundson Park and Stoughton Hospital has a public trail that connects to Ridge St. The trail is 90% finished as of the fall. Restoration of the trail shoulder will be done in 2019 which will complete the trail extension project.

Nordic Ridge Splashpad.jpg

Nordic Ridge Park Opening

Nordic Ridge Park is now open. It is located on Hoel Ave on the west side of the city. The park currently has a shelter and and the city’s first splash pad.


Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan

Every five years the city undergoes a planning process that updates its CORP. The CORP provides a road map for future decision-making. The plan also makes the city eligible for state grant funding for parks projects. The plan was approved by City Council on 12/11/2018.

2018 Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan

corp cover.JPG

The 2018 Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan is a planning document for public outdoor spaces within the City. It is updated every five years to remain eligible for DNR grant funding. The 2018 version of the plan is in-depth and includes things such as site specific needs. Public input was gathered through a public survey and informational meeting . These assisted in the recommendations and goals for the park and open space system. There were 711 survey responses which is strong for a community the size of Stoughton. We would like to thank everyone who participated. The survey results can be found in the appendix of the document. The plan was approved by City Council on 12/11/2018.

Link to download the plan (6.9 MB)

City Council Presentation 12/11/2018