Therapeutic Services


Accommodations for Individuals of All Abilities

For more information, please contact the Stoughton Recreation Department.

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The mission of the Stoughton Recreation Department Therapeutic Services is to enhance the quality of life for individuals with disabilities in the Stoughton community, by providing recreation and enrichment opportunities year-round that are accessible to all. Stoughton Recreation is committed to inclusive, adaptive, and specialized approaches to recreation and will provide reasonable accommodations to enhance program participation for all.

How can you access our services?

  1. When you register (online or on the paper registration form), mark "YES" in the Require Accommodations section of the registration form. At least 2 weeks notification prior to the registration deadline is required.
  2. Complete and return the Participant Profile form.
  3. Upon receipt of the necessary documents, Stoughton Recreation Staff will review your request and work with you to establish an individualized inclusion plan.